Security wrap-up session

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On the afternoon of June 9, Jiangsu Guoqiang Safety Committee held "Jiangsu Guoqiang 2017 Safety Production Month Activities Summary and Commendation Meeting", which was attended by all the supervisors and cadres, some workshop directors, team leaders and employee representatives. At the meeting, Vice President Feng Wei made a summary report of "production safety month", reviewing and summarising the achievements and problems during the "production safety month", as well as deploying the next stage of production safety work. The General Assembly issued certificates of honour and awards to collectives and individuals with outstanding performance during the safety month, and Yuan Lianxi, General Manager of Guoqiang Galvanising Division, read out the "Commendation Decision"; the award-winning representatives made speeches at the meeting; Yuan Jianfeng, the leader of Shangxing Industrial Development Zone, made a wonderful speech on the company's current safety production problems, pointed out the safety production problems and put forward good suggestions and requirements. Chairman Yuan Guoqiang attended the whole meeting and gave awards to the winners. (Administration Office)