Guoqiang Offers Love, Sending Coolness at High Temperature

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The afternoon of July 18, Jiangsu Guoqiang and the people's government of Shangxing Township and other relevant departments to jointly carry out the "high temperature to send cool" condolence activities, condolences to the front line of work in the scorching heat of the traffic police, sanitation workers, and other personnel sent iced tea, milk, towels and other items to prevent heat stroke.

Traffic police, sanitation workers and other front-line personnel, in order to maintain smooth traffic, keep the streets clean and hygienic, the streets and alleys can always see their busy figure, they are the protector of the streets and alleys, is no less than the "beautician". For this reason, Jiangsu Guoqiang actively participate in this "high temperature to send cool" condolence activities, fully expresses all the "Guoqiang people" for their dedication to the spirit of high respect and gratitude. (Management Centre - Zou Qiyu)