Renowned British galvanising expert, consultant of International Galvanising Association and professor of materials science of South China University of Technology came to visit our company.

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In the afternoon of November 7, Robert White, a well-known British galvanising expert and consultant of the International Galvanising Association, and Che Chunshan, a professor of materials science at South China University of Technology, went to visit Jiangsu Guoqiang Group and had a cordial meeting and exchange with Xu Zhongguo, deputy general manager of Guodian Division, and Zhang Changming, production director of Guodian Division. This time, Robert White and his party mainly discussed and exchanged views with Guoqiang Group on the development and application of photovoltaic bracket and galvanized pipe industry, and visited the factory workshop. He expressed that he felt honoured and happy to visit and learn from Guoqiang Group, which is the No.1 seller of photovoltaic bracket in the world, and hoped that Guoqiang Group would create another brilliant future in the future development. (Administrative Office)

图一:左为华南理工大学材料学教授车淳山、右为国际镀锌协会顾问Robert White