Summary of "Quality Month" activities implemented by the company in April

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Summary of "Quality Month" activities implemented by the company in April

--Training reports

In order to conscientiously implement the company's "quality month" activities on the work of the arrangement, and at the same time to further enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise brand, enhance the front-line staff's practical skills and awareness of the job, improve work performance, the formation of a healthy atmosphere of learning and competition, in order to achieve the overall quality objectives and management mode of improvement and innovation purposes. The Human Resources Department, together with the Quality Department of the Technology Centre and the Expert Group of South China University of Technology, jointly planned and organised the implementation of skills training. Specific activities are summarised below:

First, "quality month" thematic meeting:

March 28, the quality of the Department of quality according to the Group's leadership organised by the quality of the spirit of the meeting, around the "quality of survival, quality of development, to quality to benefit" "quality in my heart, standards in my mind, technology in my hands" quality slogan, start Quality month work, and make relevant plans for each work to implement one by one.

Deployment and special inspection of "Quality Month":

Aiming at the daily feedback of some quality problems, such as incoming black parts, zinc layer, sanding rust and iron, surface particles, flow hanging, pitting, zinc tumour rows of thorns and other defects, to be included in the daily focus of the inspection project content. At the same time, according to the production plan, galvanised each production team to designate a person (inspector) on the shift product inspection, tracking, feedback, implementation of rectification, while in the finished product library set up a full-time inspector of the finished product unpacking sampling, tracking the problems found in the responsible team, strengthen the quality of the assessment, organisation of training, tracking the effect of rectification, and further assessment of its effectiveness.

②, standardize and improve the hot dip galvanizing: respectively, the development of "on the galvanized product repair inspection requirements", "on the hot dip galvanizing workshop self-painting paint collocation provisions", "Hubei Huazhou bridge panel components hot dip galvanizing quality requirements" "hot dip galvanized steel parts inspection specifications" and other documents;

Third, "quality month" training:

According to the current product quality situation to organise the production team to carry out "product quality analysis meeting", the meeting requires full participation, in order to improve product quality and staff quality awareness as a starting point, respectively, from the concept of quality, how to carry out quality inspection, control of nonconforming products, quality awareness and other aspects of the promotion of the development of

①, pre-galvanising inspection - workpiece composition, surface condition, structural design, material combination and other aspects of the impact on the quality of hot-dip galvanising, to train staff to analyse the workpiece before galvanising, to adjust the subsequent galvanising process according to the condition of the workpiece, to reduce the quality of galvanising problems, and to solve the problem in a timely manner with the customer communication;

Post galvanising inspection - to analyse the causes of quality problems such as colour difference, particles, leakage, flow marks and flow hangers during galvanising, and to propose ways to deal with them.

Training combined with the company's galvanised products of the actual problem, through the story, case, picture PPT form, from the above aspects of the systematic explanation of the quality inspection process, standards and methods and through the field questions, the successful completion of the examination.

Fourth, the next quality management work plan:

①, improve the conventional product process card (such as steel grating) records;

②, improve the process records and make the relevant summary of galvanised operation data analysis report (in chart format);

③, refine the quality analysis report to defect description, product specifications, customer name, production team and the cause of the analysis and solution, and further implementation of rectification;

④, targeted training.

Crosby, the world's leading quality management guru put forward four basic principles of quality management: ① the definition of quality is to meet the requirements, rather than "the best"; ② the system to generate quality is prevention, rather than inspection; ③ the standard of work is zero defects, rather than "almost good "Quality is measured by the cost of non-compliance (money), not by an index.

Technical Quality Department

30th April 2016

Quality Inspection Kanban
Workshop production site quality banner
Quality analysis meeting for the big hanging plating, 8 and 9 April
April 11th, 12th, 13th Hanging one, hanging two, spraying eight workshop quality analysis meeting

Organisation of the quality department of the new quality inspectors to carry out product standards, inspection records, feedback and rectification of problems and other workflow training
The Quality Department organised a pre-production meeting for the special order "Zhejiang Shengda" customer's angle steel tower quality requirements.


Professor Kong Gang of South China University of Technology organised training for Jiangsu Guoqiang's technical, production, marketing, planning, purchasing and other departments as well as key customers' supervisors in the factory to learn and discuss relevant product standard knowledge.