Introduction of sound barrier--Jiangsu Guoqiang to answer the question

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Sound barriers are mainly used for sound insulation and noise reduction on roads, motorways, elevated composite roads and other noise sources. It is divided into purely sound-insulating reflective sound barriers, and composite sound barriers combining sound absorption and sound insulation, the latter being a more effective method of sound insulation. The term refers to wall structures set up on the side of railways and highways to reduce the impact of traffic noise on nearby residents. A soundproof wall is also known as a sound barrier. A facility inserted between a sound source and a receiver so that there is a significant additional attenuation of sound wave propagation, thereby attenuating the noise impact in a certain area where the receiver is located, is called a sound barrier. They are classified as traffic noise barriers, equipment noise attenuation noise barriers, industrial plant noise barriers, and roads and motorways are the places where all types of sound barriers are used the most.