Criteria for installing guardrails on Class I roads

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The regulations for the installation of traffic barriers are as follows: at points where pedestrians, bicycles or other vehicles cross highways and first-class roads, especially at stations or intersections, crossings or underpasses should be installed. Class I highways should be equipped with pedestrian and other safety management signposts at locations where no crossings or underpasses for pedestrians and bicycles are installed, and on other classes of highways, necessary crossings or underpasses may be installed according to the actual situation.   

On motorways and first-class highways, in order to avoid vehicle collisions and injuries to pedestrians, traffic guardrails to prevent vehicles from intruding into opposite lanes and protective nets to prevent pedestrians from crossing the lanes should be installed according to the regulations, and high embankments of highways at all levels, bridge approaches, extreme minimum radii, steep slopes and other locations should be equipped with guardrails or warning stakes.   

In order to induce the driver's line of sight and ensure driving safety, signs can be used to mark the edge of the highway and the line of the road in the required sections. At sharp bends and intersections with poor sight distance, signs, reflectors or lane splitting can be installed in conjunction with other measures to ensure driving safety.   

In order to make the night traffic and ensure driving safety, should gradually set up reflective signs and reflective safety facilities along the route, in the transport characteristics of busy and important sections of the road can be illuminated, in the conditions of the crossroads, pedestrian crossings, etc. can be used for local lighting.   

In the construction work, falling rocks, landslides and other dangerous road sections, set up road guardrail; in the highway there are obstacles to the road, set up conical traffic signs; in a section of the road to change the direction of travel to set up guide signs. Guidance markers are divided into guidance indicative guidance.   

Set up traffic guardrail safety facilities, is to ensure the safety of vehicles and pedestrians and give full play to the role of the highway. But the traffic guardrail is not everything, or need to consciously abide by road safety regulations.