Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway sound barrier project

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Common specifications of high-speed railway sound barrier: length 1960mm-3960mm, width 300mm-1500mm, thickness 20mm-140mm.

The sound barrier mainly consists of two parts: the steel structure galvanised column and the sound-absorbing screen plate. The galvanised column is the main stress component of the sound barrier, which is fixed on the road anti-collision wall or the pre-embedded steel plate at the track side through bolts or welding; the sound-absorbing screen plate is the main sound-insulating and sound-absorbing component, which is fixed in the groove of the galvanised H-type column through the high-strength spring clips to form the sound barrier.

The design of high-speed rail sound barrier has fully considered the wind load of elevated high-speed road, city light rail, underground, the impact safety of traffic vehicles and all-weather open-air anti-corrosion problems. It is not only beautiful and generous in appearance, exquisite in production, convenient in transportation and installation, low in cost, but also has the feature of long service life, which is especially suitable for the anti-noise use of elevated high-speed road and urban light rail and underground, and is the most ideal sound insulation and noise reduction facility for modern cities.