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Ltd. specialises in the production of underground sound barriers, elevated sound barriers, high-speed rail sound barriers, highway sound barriers, sound barriers, sound barrier bending, sound barrier punching and other products, sound barriers are mainly composed of foundation, columns and screen panels. The foundation is the main load-bearing structure of the sound barrier, which can be designed individually or together with the road ancillary facilities (such as collision walls and hard shoulders, etc.) during road design; the column is the main load-bearing component of the sound barrier, which can be connected firmly with the foundation by means of pre-embedded bolts, reinforcement planting and welding, etc., so as to achieve the load-bearing requirements of the whole sound barrier; the vertical plate is the most important part of the sound barrier with noise reduction effect, which can be used to reduce noise, and it can be used to reduce noise with a highway noise barrier. The sound barrier vertical plate is the most important part of the noise reduction effect of the sound barrier, and it can be fixed in the groove of the column through special high-strength springs, bolts and angles to form the sound barrier. At the same time, the good or bad design, form and material of the vertical plate will directly affect the noise reduction effect, landscape effect, service life, corrosion resistance and safety and reliability of the entire sound barrier.