How to choose to install a highway sound barrier

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Characteristics of the sound barrier:

1)、High sound insulation capacity: average sound insulation capacity 36dB.

2) High sound absorption coefficient: average sound absorption coefficient 0.85.

3)、Weather resistance and durability: the product has water resistance, heat resistance, ultraviolet resistance, and will not reduce performance or quality abnormality caused by rain temperature change. The product adopts aluminium alloy coil, galvanized coil, glass wool, H-steel column surface galvanised anti-corrosion life of more than 30 years.

(4), beautiful: you can choose a variety of colours and shapes for combination, and the surrounding environment, forming a bright landscape.

5)Economic: assembled construction, improve work efficiency, shorten construction time, can save construction costs and labour costs.

6)、Convenient: installed in parallel with other products, easy to maintain and update.

7)、Safety: the sound-absorbing plate is connected and fixed with φ6.2 steel wire rope at both ends to prevent secondary damage and loss of personnel and property.

(8), lightweight: sound-absorbing panels N series products have a light weight characteristics, the quality of the square metre is less than 25 kg, which can reduce the load bearing of the elevated light rail, elevated road, can reduce the cost of the structure.

(9), fire prevention: the use of ultra-fine glass wool, due to its high melting point, non-combustible, fully meet the requirements of environmental protection and fire codes, fire grade A.

10)、High strength: Combined with the different climatic conditions in different regions of China, the wind load is fully considered in the structural design. Adopting 1.2㎜ galvanised sheet, through automatic production line, pressing groove to increase strength, making the product resistant to 10-12 grade typhoon and 300 kg/m2 compression.

(11) Waterproof and dustproof: The louver type is designed with waterproof and dustproof in mind, and its angle is set at 45°, so that its acoustic absorption will not be affected in dusty or rainy environments, and the construction has been set up with dust removal and drainage measures to avoid the accumulation of water inside the components.

(12) Durable: The product design has fully considered the wind load on the road, the impact safety of traffic vehicles and open-air corrosion protection in the whole climate. The product adopts aluminium alloy coil, galvanised coil, glass wool, H steel column surface galvanised treatment.