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Goodwill, steady pace of development, strong capital and production strength, is the credibility of the dealer to earn greater wealth guarantee.   

Share the brand value, ride the wealth express   

Founded in 1998, Jiangsu Guoqiang Galvanising Industry Co., Ltd. is a large-scale comprehensive enterprise integrating industry, trade and real estate. With strong production capacity, good customer relations and strong capital strength, Guoqiang focus on all kinds of high-quality galvanised steel research and development, manufacturing and sales, and is committed to building a world-renowned, China's leading high-quality galvanised steel integrated supply experts.   

Over the past ten years, Guoqiang people have been fighting in the north and south, daring to fight, insisting on the implementation of the enterprise policy of "advancing with the times, pioneering and enterprising, down-to-earth, and always scaling new heights", and in line with the business philosophy of "constructing the integrity of Guoqiang, and building the brand of Guoqiang", we focus on With the business philosophy of "building integrity Guoqiang and creating Guoqiang brand" and the idea of "becoming more precise, stronger and bigger", the company has achieved leapfrog development, and has been awarded as one of the "Top 500 Private Enterprises in China" and "Top 100 Transportation Enterprises in China" (the only manufacturing enterprise), "AAA grade credit enterprise", "Jiangsu Province famous brand products", "China traffic brand products" and many other awards.   

Nowadays, Guoqiang has a comprehensive production capacity of 2 million tonnes per year, and is the largest manufacturer of highway safety facilities materials in China and the largest manufacturer of galvanised pipes and welded pipes in East China. In addition to occupying an important position in the domestic market, our products have been successfully sold to America, Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, etc. Meanwhile, we have established good business relationships with customers from the United States, India, the Netherlands, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, South Korea and other countries.   

Aiming at the "13th Five-Year Plan", Guoqiang will vigorously develop the supporting production, sales and supply capacity of products, increase investment and accelerate the pace of development, and rapidly promote the company's franchise system. Based on the East China regional market, network radiation in the country, focusing on Jiangsu Province and its surrounding provinces of Zhejiang, Shanghai, Anhui, Jiangxi, Fujian and other provinces with rapid economic development, with a larger market capacity and development prospects of the city development of regional franchisees; with the help of the delivery cycle guarantee, short-distance logistics and direct supply, to create a cost advantage, the advantage of security, the advantage of support, the advantage of the brand, the advantage of service and the advantage of local competitiveness. Local Competitive Advantage, etc.