Highway noise wall price

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High-speed sound barrier wall is mainly composed of steel structure column and sound-absorbing screen plate two parts, column is the main force components of the sound barrier, it is fixed by bolts or welding in the road collision wall or track side of the buried steel plate; sound-absorbing plate is the main sound insulation sound-absorbing components, it is through the high-strength spring clamps will be fixed in the H-type column groove, the formation of the highway sound barrier (sound barrier wall) noise reduction of sound barriers

Highway noise barrier wall sound-absorbing plate not only sound absorption, sound insulation effect is good, but also has excellent weather resistance, durability, to ensure that the use of life; can choose a variety of colours and shapes for the combination of the landscape effect is ideal, according to the user's requirements can be designed into a variety of different styles and the environment in harmony with the environment, and coordination with the surrounding environment, the formation of a bright landscape.

Application scope of highway noise barrier: used for highway across the village or residential district section of the acoustic environment noise management.

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