How to install guardrail plate column project

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1、Levelling of columns:

1、(1) According to the design drawings and road base unit provided by the road surface centre line and elevation data sampling, and bridges, attempts, culverts and other control points for measurement and positioning

(2) If part of the shoulder wall and outer retaining wall have been implemented due to inconsistency of connecting lines, in order to ensure the conformity of waveform guardrail, it is necessary to add concrete or slurry masonry schist outside the original shoulder wall to join the conformity.

(3) Survey the whole line shoulder reserved hole, in principle, in the shoulder construction unit reserved hole position to install guardrail columns. If the original location of the hole does not meet the requirements or does not leave a hole, first report to the supervising engineer and re-determine the construction method of the guardrail column.

2、Post installation

(1) The installation of columns should be consistent with the design drawings, and co-ordinate with the road shape.

(2) The column should be firmly buried in the soil to the extent of the design, and perpendicular to the road surface.

(3) Due to the actual situation on site, it is not possible to use the driven-in method of construction. The whole line of column construction adopts pre-drilled holes or buried columns after drilling, and concrete backfill. The construction should be precisely positioned.

(4) After the columns are installed in place, their horizontal and vertical directions should form a smooth line.

3, anti-block installation: anti-block fixed to the column through the connecting bolts, in the waveform beam before the installation of anti-block and columns between the bolts should not be prematurely tightened, should be installed in the guardrail plate in place, and then tighten the bolts.