Double-sided waveform beam guardrail

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Corrugated beam guardrail according to the location of the installation is divided into roadside, central divider. Corrugated beam guardrail single-sided is a split-type guardrail for the road side and the central divider is relatively wide and more structures within the divider, and buried in the central divider under the pipeline road is single-sided. Waveform beam guardrail double-sided is a combination of guardrail for the narrow width of the divider, the central divider is not much structure or buried pipeline less road is two sides, combination of waveform guardrail: is composed of columns, cross-separation beams, waveform beams, fasteners, columns can be used in the manufacture of round or channel and other steel. The spacer beam consists of two channel steel, respectively installed on both sides of the column. The two ends of the spacer beam are connected to the waveform beam plate. The maximum combined width of both sides of the waveform beam is 100cm, and can be adjusted according to the width of the central divider.