Jiangsu Guoqiang waveform beam guardrail manufacturers tell you what the code classification of guardrail plate

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Guardrail plate code classification

Gr--waveform beam guardrail Grb--waveform beam guardrail with anti-blocking blocks

Grd--Combined waveform guardrail

Gc--Cable guardrail

Gw--Concrete guardrail

Gwb - Basic Concrete Guardrail

Gwm - Improved Concrete Guardrail A - Roadside Class A

S - roadside S

Am - median grade A Sm - median grade S E - buried in soil

Em - concrete parapet in median strip, embedded and locked in subgrade E1 - concrete parapet on roadside, embedded in subgrade

E2 - roadside concrete parapet, connected to the lower structure

B - concrete parapet embedded in concrete base

R - Concrete parapet connected to the foundation by means of force transmitting bars