Waveform guardrail plate manufacturers analysis of guardrail material per kilometre is how to configure the

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Guardrail material per kilometre is how to configure (example: a kilometre of materials required list).

The main materials are columns and guardrail plate, the centre distance of ordinary type is 4m, the centre distance of reinforced type is 2m, 250 pieces of guardrail plate, other accessories are configured as follows: 251 columns, 250 anti-blocking blocks (brackets), 250 column caps, 250 sets of M16×170 (150) bolts, 2000 sets of M16×40 bolts, 250 sets of M16×50 bolts, 250 sets of cross-beam gaskets. R160 end 2.

Highway: guardrail plate 242.5 yuan / sheet, 102 yuan / metre.

Safety guardrail plate 3.0mm thick: 197 yuan / sheet, 88 yuan / metre.

Highway construction fee: 15 yuan / metre.

Highway maintenance fee: 13 yuan / m.

Waveform guardrail is also known as waveform plate guardrail, anti-collision guardrail, W plate guardrail, road guardrail. It is the most widely used safety guardrail for highway bridges at home and abroad.

Waveform guardrail components are: guardrail plate, column, post cap, block/bracket, connecting bolts, splicing bolts, beam spacer, end.

Classification of waveform guardrail: waveform beam guardrail is generally set according to the location and collision avoidance level to classification. According to the setting place, it can be divided into roadside guardrail and central divider guardrail. According to the anti-collision grade can be divided into A grade and S grade, S grade guardrail belongs to the reinforced type, applicable to the road side of the particularly dangerous road use, A grade for the special highway.

Product features: good anti-corrosion performance, anti-aging, beautiful and easy to install.

Uses: Fencing, protection, decoration and other facilities for highways, ordinary roads, bridges, municipalities and other industries.