Jiangsu Guoqiang tell you what are the design requirements of waveform beam guardrail

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Corrugated beam guardrail is not only a simple facility, but also a security guarantee, but also a socialisation of the progress of civilisation. He is in an important role in the degree of this waveform beam guardrail facilities are used in the middle of the highway or the middle of the road for the isolation of vehicles and vehicles, vehicles and pedestrians traffic equipment, the use of waveform guardrail material is generally rigid, that is, the application of steel as a construction material, for rigid structural modelling of the guardrail we will take a certain amount of production process to make such a guardrail With a certain curved surface, this curved surface will be connected to each other through the screws on the top of the column for the corresponding fixed processing, of course, there are some is to take the mesh of steel wire as the material for the interconnection of the characteristics of the connection, in which case we form a fence wall through the connection of such a fence wall, this fence wall is actually the root of the columns are connected to the columns are connected to the following pedestal, the pedestal Is the use of the principle of concrete for fixed, for the fixed column is also a certain strength, this strength on the one hand can be used at certain angles for fixing and installation, on the other hand can be with the surrounding fence to reach a whole, the whole protection network system has a kind of co-ordination, such co-ordination for the future of the protection measures are of great benefit. Waveform guardrail using Q235 rigidity of the better material strip production, guardrail plate prices and strip prices are closely related. Customers in need can call to consult. Consultation hotline 0519-87741687