Sound barriers stimulate competition within the industry Jiangsu Guoqiang how to deal with.

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Sound barriers are mainly used for sound insulation and noise reduction in highways, elevated composite roads, urban light rail underground and other transport and municipal facilities, to control the impact of traffic noise on the nearby urban areas, and can also be used for sound insulation and noise reduction in factories and other noise sources. Want to highlight the advantages in the industry, access to a larger share of the market, the need to do in the production as well as the quality of the project to ensure that to do a good job need to meet certain standards.

The basic function of the requirements: sound waves in the propagation process, when encountering the sound barrier, it will occur reflection, transmission and bypass three phenomena. Usually the barrier is able to prevent the propagation of direct sound, and make the transmitted sound have enough attenuation, and the effect of the transmitted sound is negligible. Therefore, the sound insulation effect of a sound barrier can generally be expressed in terms of noise reduction, which reflects the barrier's ability to shield transmitted sound in the above two ways. Insert a sound barrier between the sound source and the reception point, and set the barrier to be infinitely long, the sound wave can only go around from the top of the barrier, and form a sound shadow area afterwards, just like the light is blocked by an object to form a shadow. In this sound shadow area, people can feel that the noise is obviously weakened, which is the noise reduction effect of the sound barrier. Jiangsu Guoqiang highway sound barrier, contact: Mr Ma Tel: 13679083499